About Jaina

Jaina KirkeYou’ll never believe how much time I spent avoiding my destiny as a writer. I was convinced, at various stages of my life, that I would grow up to be a medical technologist, or an astronomer, and never mind that I spent all my free time reading and writing stories.
When I did grow up I even spent  a brief stint in a corporate cubicle farm, even though I’d been writing and publishing stories online since high school. Leaving that job was probably best for all involved, particularly my poor sanity.
Now I’m living the dream and writing full-time, which means I have the luxury of spending my days in whatever imaginary world I prefer, and when I get lost in someone else’s book I get to call it “research.” I can’t be more grateful that I have this opportunity!
When I’m not writing, or reading, I can usually be found playing way too many video games, drinking way too much tea, or exploring some corner of my new Washington home. If I’m lucky, I can convince my husband and one of my dogs to join me as I wander… but the cat prefers to stay at home.